File a complaint with Banking Ombudsman

By: Makemymoney

We are in an era where banking facilities like money transferring, saving, clearing bill etc are just a matter of a click. You can transfer huge amount to any part of the world and that too without standing in a queue for hours. Earlier, we use to suffer for every single task but thanks to technology and advancement that things have become easy to understand and deal with. So, if you are not satisfied with your bank’s services you are supposed to file a complaint with Banking Ombudsman.  But there are certain criteria which must be followed by an individual who wishes to place a complaint against a respective bank.

Read to know more about how to file a complaint with Banking Ombudsman.

  1. Before filing a complaint with Banking Ombudsman first, file a complaint in your respective bank
  2. If within 30 days you don’t receive a response from your bank or you find received response is not satisfactory. In that case, you are supposed to file a complaint with Ombudsman. For making representation, one need to escalate a complaint within a year of receiving response or reply.
  3. Complain to BO within whose jurisdiction the branch of the bank is located. In case of a card-related issue or complaints, your billing address will be considered as jurisdiction. Also, those related to centralized operations, their billing address will also be considered as the jurisdiction of the banking ombudsman.
  4. Those who want to file a written complaint they can take a download of form from an official website with relevant details like name, address, the loss suffered, complain etc.
  5. Submit a copy of your form along with your complaint number
  6. The Banking Ombudsman will consider your case and try to find out an appropriate solution which will be a helpful step for bank and customer both.
  7. After filing a complaint with banking Ombudsman if an individual gets no satisfactory solution for then he/she is allowed to move to consumer court

Before logging complains with banking ombudsman try and contact bank customer care. Every bank has its own customer care department where you can file your complaint. Also, check Bank Address & IFSC Code.

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