Best 4 Home Loan Providers in India

By: Makemymoney

How many more years you will take to get your own space. It’s time to say goodbye to all rental payments and living as a tenant. It’s time to turn your dreams into reality. Having your won is a huge relief. Paying as a tenant counts a huge amount when year-end and with no return. If you are planning to buy a home then these are the best 4 Home Loan providers in India.

Home loan is such a big relief in terms of financial assistance. Buying a home instantly is a daydream, one needs to plan and start saving for it. But with these five utopian loan providers, you can plan for having your own home as soon as possible.  From any of these, you can borrow a lump sum amount against your property value and repay the amount in the form of EMI. Loan Borrower needs to pay EMI within given tenure period of the loan. Here are a few options for you telling which bank home loan is best in India?

 Interest Rates:

The interest rate of each loan provider varies from one another. It depends on your property type, location, existing EMI, amount being borrows and salary. Following are the factors on which interest rate of each loan providers depends. Normally the range of loan rate of interest lies between 8.00 to 12.00%. Many loan providers come up with various types of benefits and advantages. There are various banks and NBFC’s concession to women.


ICICI Bank is India’s third largest bank. Apply for Home Loan with ICICI Bank is a quick, easy and instant process. You can apply for it either by visiting the nearest bank branch or by downloading an application. It also provides eligibility checking process which is very helpful. You can check your eligibility for a loan offer. The repayment of the tenure period is up to 30 years. So what are you waiting for apply for home loan online as you are a few clicks away from your dream home.


HDFC bank is leading all other banks and is a major finance provide a house in India. There are unique and extremely distinct features offered by the bank which are even not supported by the various bank even in this era. Most talked key features of HDFC are flexible repayment option, doorstep service assistance, and easy documentation. For women applicants, there is n number of options. They can attain the benefits of reduced interest rates starting at just 8.35% PA. It also facilitates home loan balance transfer at zero processing fees. This helps in reaping maximum benefit on switching existing loan. Bank facilitates Home Loan Balance Transfer at zero processing fees so that you can reap optimum benefits on switching your existing loan.

SBI Bank

SBI bank is Indian government bank and so trust level of citizens on this particularly is very huge. It comes up with own unique factors of benefits. In SBI there is a concession for women applicants also, they can apply for it as a first co-applicant. Also, the property proposed to be financed should be either in the sole name of her. And in joint ownership, she can be a first co-applicant. There is a separate slot for salaried and non-salaried employees.

Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank is a state-owned multinational banking and financial service corporation. PNB offers loan facilities for renovation and construction. Apply for Home Loan from PNB bank and avail doorstep loan service. The bank offers various repayment options.






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