Check the status of your Income Tax Return

By: Makemymoney

Once you have filed your income tax and verified it properly, the income tax department starts working on to returning of your tax. When you file for income tax return (ITR), you probably might get intimation 143(1) letter. Now what is 143(1) letter, it’s a letter generated after completing the final comparison between the data provided by you in return filing and record available with CPC. By doing this you can check the status of your income tax return.

Once the processing get verified and IT department won’t found a due or mistake in data provided, the process of income tax return starts. Usually, after verification, the “status” on your ITR will be successfully verified. And, once the processing gets done, the status would be “ITR Processed”. Don’t try to do tax evasion as IT depart has all your details. Your PAN card and income tax department are interlinked

To check the status of your income tax return you have to follow the following processing. If you are eligible for a refund you will get it ideally by now and if not so then follow the following step:-

  • Visit the Income Tax Department website
  • Go to Services option on the lower left side of the official homepage and click “Check Refund Dispatch Status”.
  • A pop up will open with three options. 1) Continue to NSDL website. 2) Login to e-filing and 3) Cancel.
  • Go to “NSDL window” option. From here one can navigate to the Tax Information Network website maintained by NSDL for displaying the status of the refund.
  • You will be directed to a web page and here you have to fill in your PAN number.
  • Assessment Year, you need to check the refund for. Complete the captcha verification and you will get your refund status.

 Important things to remember when you check the status of your income tax return:

You will get your refund either via NEFT or through paper cheque depending on the option you chosen. Check the status of your income tax return with the help of above steps and sort your refund.  Also, your refund will be given to you as per the ‘refund banker scheme’.  And your refund status could be any one of the following

  • If it says “Not determined” means your income tax refund request is still not processed.
  • If it says “Refund paid” this means your refund has done, now you check which mode receiving payment you have chosen while filing ITR form.
  • Assessment Year not displayed in refund/demand status. Assessment is not displayed in refund means you have missed filing your returns. If this is the status then complete the processing immediately.
  • No demand no refund.
  • Sometimes it says “ Refund unpaid”, which means refund has been done but due to some error it has not been added to your account
  • If it says “ITR processed refund determined and sent out to refund banker”. This means that refund is generated. And refund request has been sent to the refund banker for processing the same.

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