How to Apply for Gas Connection in India

LPG stands or Liquefied Petroleum Gas and is one of the most popular sources of fuel in India. its versatility and ease of use are the major reasons for this popularity, along with the feature that lets you control the heat. In addition to this, it has been found not to cause any damage to the environment due to any gas that it emits. Not only is it easy to store but at the same time it is very economical. The Government of India also provides subsidy on the same. In case you do not have the gas connection then you can apply for it today if you satisfy the conditions. Here is How to Apply for Gas Connection In India.

Steps to get LPG Connection

If you have attained 18 years of age and also have the required documents then you can apply for the gas connection. Begin the process by locating the gas agency that is nearest to you, the ones that supply LPG cylinders in your area. It is a surety to find one office in every area. You can access the local phone directory for the needed information as well as the locations so as to book online. Once you have located the same, the next task is to procure the application form to fetch a new gas connection. Fill this form carefully and completely and attach all the required documents. As soon as you do this, you will get a receipt along with a Registration number that is issued to you. Sometime later you will also be given a Booking number. You need to maintain and store these with utmost care.

Documents required to apply for gas connection

You need to submit an ID proof for which you can use any of the documents including Passport, PAN Card, Driving License or the Aadhaar Number allotment letter. If you have any other photo identification document which has been issued by government, then you may use it too. As an address proof you can either submit the Ration Card, Voter’s Identification Card, Electricity bill or the Telephone bill from within immediate three months, Rent receipt or else the Employer’s Certificate. Apart from this you will also be required to submit a security deposit to the agency meanwhile you procure the cylinder.

Tips for safe use of LPG Cylinder

Once you receive your gas cylinder, you need to take special care that it is stored as well as maintained properly. This reason is the combustible nature of LPG. Though it is true that in comparison to most of the alternatives it is relatively safer but still it is vital to maintain the quality storage. You can take safety measures like turning off the valve at night prior to sleeping. Also, you should never bring a naked flame close to the gas cylinder. In case you feel that there is any sort of leakage, then you must turn the valve off and carry the cylinder to the open area. You must also open all the windows so that the fresh air can enter the house.