What is GST Refund Process?

GST is all about the smooth flow of funds. It is imperative for government also to provide hassle-free refund process. The complete processing of GST refund is done through online GST portal. It provides clearer invoice based tracking system, which allows verification and systematic of transactions of one individual.

GST Refund Can Be Claim can arise on accounts of:-

  • Deemed Exports
  • Excess payment due to mistake.
  • Refund arise after provisional assessment
  • Suppliers getting discount or credit through the issuance of credit notes
  • Supplies to SEZs units and developers.
  • GST paid by international tourist are subjected to refund
  • Export of goods or services.
  • Refund of taxes on purchase made by bodies of United Nation or embassies etc.
  • Finalization of provisional assessment.
  • Refund of pre-deposit

Time Limit for Filing GST Refund Request

One can file for GST Refund within 2 years from the relevant date. If the process followed properly the refund gets sanctioned within a period of 60 days from the date of receipt of the claim. Interest on the withheld refund is paid at the rate of 6% and on delayed refund at 9% per annum.

GST Refund for Accumulated Input Tax Credit

If a refund is for input tax credit, only a statement containing invoice details as prescribed in the GST refund rules must be submitted. But please notice that no refund will be processed for unutilized input tax credit will be allowed on IGST & CGST paid. Supply of services like building structures, complexes etc, including constructions or buildings intended for sale.