How to Access SBI Internet Banking Facilities

By: Makemymoney

Internet banking has settled the hectic life of many people by giving them the freedom to access their bank accounts from anywhere & anytime. To make use of SBI internet banking user required to have an existing account with the bank. If you don’t have any saving account in SBI, open it first followed by applying for internet banking kit. There are so many advantages of using SBI internet kit. It gives you the freedom to open a paperless account and much more. 

Open Paperless Account Online using SBI Internet Banking

SBI Internet banking facility is extremely easy to apply and use. Registration for the internet banking is done from the branch. This is very helpful as you can not only transact money but also check mini receipt, pay for RD & FD savings etc.  Once you register for SBI Internet Kit, the bank will share username and password with you either via mail or physically. You can change this password and username as per you convinces. Once you fix all this, now it’s time to use it for opening a paperless account.

How to open an account through internet banking?

  • Those who are 18 years or above can apply for a bank account. The mandatory documents which are required are Aadhaar and PAN card
  • It can be operated on a single basis and visiting branch will be required for converting the bank account into a joint account.
  • Internet banking requires mandatory nomination
  • A platinum debit card is issued to account older that too off free of cost. However, there are annual charges applied by the bank as Rs. 200. These charges can be waived off of for those customers who manage to maintain Rs. 25,000 or above quarterly in their bank accounts.
  • Those account holders who have shared their email address also receive transaction statement.

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