Features And Benefits Of Accessing IFSC Code Of Bank

In the advanced technology, many people are accessing bank account for several purposes. Bank account holder gets more discount offers to take any funds from the required bank. Bank IFSC Code is available with bank account number but it differs from branch to branch of the same bank. By using the code you might process an online transaction of money using RTGS, NEFT, and UPI.

What is IFSC code?

IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code which is available in alphanumeric code. It is eleven digit number provided by a certain bank to the account holder. This code is assigned by Reserve Bank of India. First four characters would be an alphabet, zero reserved and branch code will be on last six characters. It assists account holder to process electronic fund settlement easily. The code is an identity to the certain bank. IFSC code mostly you see on the cheque leaves of the bank. It is a short address of your bank branch. With the help of it, you might be able to find bank account branch online easily.

Aspects of using IFSC code

Moreover, it is an essential choice for processing online banking transactions. The financial company can transfer money easily from one account to other without any risks. Within few minutes transaction will be processed by the account holder. Also, you can make online payments to another account. It will be mentioned on bank account passbook or online banking account. Through the code, you can exchange funds and monitor each and every transaction.

Benefits of IFSC code

It is a crucial one for transfer money via online. The code is offered depending on state, city, and district of the bank. Account holders can transfer amount with simple process in any bank account across India.

Helpful for online banking

A huge number of people are now transferring money by online banking. IFSC code is the important part for a business account to process transactions. Any amount can be transferred by electronic fund transfer using IFSC code in a secure manner. Party can receive amounts within 24 to 48 hours. Online banking users must have to submit IFSC code and other details to the paying party in order to receive money.

Transfer money faster

If you are processing the transaction using the code, then it will not take a long time. With simple steps, transaction will be complete. Around the world, an account holder is able to transfer money to another party’s bank account. A fast transaction is specifically helpful to people who carry our transaction for emergency needs. With recent advancements in technology, money can be transferred instantly within banks.

No cases of fraud

It is specific for each and every branch of the bank. It ensures that your money is transferred to the correct bank account. There are negligible chances of wrong transactions if you have used the correct IFSC code while initiating a transaction.

Process digital transfers

It enhances paperless transfers of your money. Without visiting your bank, you are able to process transaction effectively from anywhere. Besides, it makes business transactions to be simple, quick and convinient.

Transfer money via RTGS and NEFT

NEFT and RTGS are the most popular modes of online transactions using IFSC codes.These two transaction systems help individual transfer of payment quickly. There are maximum or minimum amount limit to carryout the transaction.

Find reconciliation and validation

It assists account holders to validate their transaction. It helps in reconciliation of the transaction both for payments made and received.

Examples of IFSC code

Hence, the 11 digit code is available in two formats: digit format and alphabetic format.
On the cheque leaves of the bank account, IFSC code of the branch is printed. In the digit format, you can see here on Kanpur branch of the State Bank of India. SBIN0001742 is the IFSC code of this branch. In this, first four characters contain alphabet and last seven digits as an ideal number specific to the branch. ‘Zero’ defaults on the fifth character of the code.

Tips to find IFSC code

If you know name of the bank, then you can find IFSC code easily via internet. There are many online websites where one can find out IFSC code with few steps. Account holder can easily search 11 digit codes with help of below-given steps
  • Choose your bank on internet
  • Select district and state
  • Click on branch name of the bank
Now you can use this code to operate bank account with some essential details like account type, IFSC code, name, address and account number.