Link Aadhaar with Marriage Record

By: Makemymoney

Mandatory rule by The Law Commission of India

In the regime of PM Narendra Modi, the significance of Aadhaar has been gaining a tremendous importance. Now a day’s government has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with bank accounts, PAN card etc. Considering this the Law Commission of India has made another recommendation for mandatory registration of 12 digit unique identity Aadhaar and marriage details.

The step has been taken to track child marriages, gender violence in the society and bigamy. This has been taken into action when Dr. Justice BS Chauhan studied the matter of marriages in detail. And came up with the report saying “Compulsory registration of marriages”.

Why linking Aadhaar with marriage document is important?

Well like all other documents linking Aadhaar with marriage document is equally important. In case of no documentation, it will be considered that woman is duped into marrying without valid marrying conditions. Also, women, in particular, can become the victim of fraud. This deprives women of societal recognition and legal security. Such fraudulent marriages are especially on the rise among non-resident Indians. With this declaration at least condition generated for making marriage valid will be performed correctly.

The Law Commission take on it:

To make it hassle-free the law panel requested the government to come up with a simple process for registering the marriage. The Law Commission also recommended to the village head to start issuing a certificate by a religious place where marriage has been performed. And that a certificate by a religious place can become the basic document for registration of a marriage.

Registration of marriage is included in various personal laws as the Indian Christian Marriages Act 1872, the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, the Special Marriages Act 1954 and the Parsi Marriages and Divorce Act 1936.


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