What is Personal Loan

  • Purchase of Built up Residential Property / Plot
  • Renovation / Construction of Residential Built up Property/ Plot

Age Criteria

  • Min 18 Years
  • Age upto 65 Years / Retirement Age

Property Criteria

  • Salaried :- Min Salary of Rs. 180000 p.a
  • Self employed-Min. ITR of 3 Lacs
  • Other Incomes- Recurring-Rental , Interest Income Can be considerd

Who All Can Avail?

  • Salaried
  • Self-employed Businessman
  • Self-employed Professionals

Income Tax Benefits

  • Stamp duty paid shall be allowed u/s 80C
  • Principal repayment of Home loan shall be allowed u/s 80C
  • Interest paid on Home loan for self occupied property is restricted to max. 2Lacs per annum

Benefits Through MMM

  • Customization even if above criteria's are not satisfied
  • Save substantial interest by doing Balance Transfer at lower rates
  • From 100% to 200% of registry value


  • KYC
  • 3 Years Financials
  • 6 Months Banking

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