What is Personal Loan

As economic scales hike up and get tougher, the cost of living sours high. And therefore it becomes difficult for a common man to make both ends meet. But at the same time, one cannot compromise his desires just because the money swings high and hence a wide variety of individuals resort to loans in order to fulfill their dreams. From Travel needs, medical emergency, wedding etc. Personal loan is the best solution for any urgent and short term need.

Age Criteria

  • Min 18 Years
  • Age upto 65 Years / Retirement Age


  • Salaried :- Min Salary of Rs. 240000 p.a
  • Self employed-Min. ITR of 3 Lacs
  • Other Incomes- Recurring-Rental can be considered, Interest Income Can not be considered

Who All Can Avail?

  • Salaried
  • Self-employed Businessman
  • Self-employed Professionals

Benefits Through MMM

  • Customization even if above criteria's are not satisfied
  • Save substantial interest by doing Balance Transfer at lower rates


  • KYC
  • 3 Years Financials
  • 6 Months Banking

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