Pay your conversion charges to save your Shops, say Civic Agencies

By: Makemymoney

The last call for traders to save their properties by paying Conversion charges will get over on Monday and probably from Tuesday onwards, The Supreme Court will appoint a monitoring committee to resume the sealing drive. Last year on 22nd December the sealing drive from Defence Colony market in South Delhi was started. During this drive, the civic agency has sealed 51 units here. These units were sealed because they were using residential space for commercial use without paying the “use conversion charges”. And the entire action was directed by monitoring committee. Pay you conversion charges to save your shops, say civic agencies.

 Sealing Drive may resume in Delhi

Second Phase

The second phase of sealing drive in Delhi targeted Chattatpur in South Delhi. The monitoring committee targeted establishment for the misuse of agriculture land for commercial use and other illegal constructions.  There was illegal construction along with nonpayment of conversion charges.After Defence Colony and Chatterpur Sealing Drive, the Supreme Court has appointed monitoring committee and will extend the sealing drive to commercial units in Mehrauli, South Extension, Karol Bagh and Lajpat Nagar over no payment of conversion charges. It is expected that shop owner is using upper floors which are meant to be for the residential purpose.

Defence Colony trader’s whose shops were sealed have written a letter to the SDMC requesting them to float an amnesty scheme for traders so that they can save their properties. Traders feeling backstabbed as they claim that no advance warning has given to us, one morning suddenly they come & sealed our shops & properties.  Traders can avoid sealing of their shops by paying conversion charges at the old rates of 22,000 per square meter. Along with conversion charges, traders have to submit an affidavit stating they will pay pending amount once the new rates are notified by DDA.                               

Interest on charges

The conversion charges to be paid by traders will also include the interest that has been accumulated since 2012. The sealing of commercial properties operating on residential areas will not stop as off but paying conversion charges is a better proposal for all those traders who want to save their properties. Several traders in chattarpur and other parts are calming that sealing drive in Delhi clearly an unfair move especially when no new rate charges have not been notified.

So it’s a deadline for the shop owner to pay conversion charges before Monday. Traders across the city who will ignore conversion charges p[payment for their shops might get some respite from civic agencies. In order for paying conversion, charges have already been released so get your payment done and save your establishments.



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