SC/ST Act Controversy

By: Makemymoney

India is facing another major protest regarding SC/ST Act controversy. In India people from different culture, background, tradition and strata lived together for centuries, but there is a huge variation in the state of mind of each. And so they haven’t lived together in a perfect harmony. The growing social difference is the major reason to lead such SC/ST Act controversy- the reason behind Bharat Bandh.

The Reason Behind Bharat Bandh

SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act was brought into action in 1989 for preventing oppression of people belonging to lower caste communities. A significant part of our history consists of heinous crimes committed against the Dalits. Dalits were the people belonging to the lower castes as per the caste system prevalent in India. In furtherance of the condition of lower caste people, the abolition of un-touch ability and equality provision in the constitution has been implemented. The act brings various special rights and privileges for SC & STC community. Also, a fast track court was established for considering the complaints made by anyone from the Schedule Caste and Tribe community.

No Immediate Arrest after case filed under SC/ST Act

On March 20th, Supreme Court has decided that there will be limitation regarding the arrest in a case registered under Schedule Cast and Tribe Act. According to the Supreme Court declaration, a non-public servant can only be arrested after getting approval by the SSP and Public servant after getting an approval of appointing authority. The checking will take place to know if the complaints did is for an appropriate reason or necessary to get a record or not.According to the changes made by the Supreme Court under SC/ST Act, no complaint gets logged directly, the first preliminary enquiry will conduct and then FIR; only if the case is genuine.

After the Supreme Court order, several Dalits and SC/ST communities have called for a Bharat Bandh. The scheduled caste & tribe communities are reacting, as they want the SC order to get a clampdown in their favour and should not be used against them. The appeal is done by the National Commision of ST & SC that the act should not be changed in any way. However, many of the commentators think that after the modification in this SC/ST Act, many unwanted crime complaints will also come down. 

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