Online Insurance Made It Easy To Secure Your Two Wheeler

Two wheelers are the most commonly used vehicles in our country. You must have seen people of all age groups driving around your city on 2 wheelers. They are the most comfortable vehicles to drive. They are also very easy to drive as many of them are moppets, moppets are the vehicles in which you don’t have to change gears, thus becomes easy to drive. And on the other hand, bikes are the 2 wheelers which give a great average.

As technology is advancing in each and every area, 2 wheelers are not exceptions. With continuous advancements, 2 wheelers now have great speeds, good averages, even good and stylish looks, comfortable sitting, more powerful engines, etc. But all this has come up with some negatives. As the speed has increased, most of the young people love driving their 2 wheelers with as much speed as they can. With all the advancements, the prices of the 2 wheelers have also increased, which has increased the cases of thefts. And as all of us know the conditions of roads in our country, accidents are very common.

Instead of worrying about all these concerns, and spending rest of your life thinking about your 2 wheeler, the better option is to get it insured. Yes, you guys must have heard about people being insured, but now the insurance industry has come up with the insurance of almost everything, and your 2 wheeler is one of them.

Getting two wheeler insurance, a few years back was actually a tricky job, and this being the reason for a very less number of 2 wheeler insurance. A few years back, firstly you have to find an insurance company, then have to find an agent and then have to agree with the policy he/she is providing, and also requires a whole lot of documents for getting your 2 wheeler insured. All of this was actually difficult back then. But now, you can ensure your 2 wheeler sitting on your couch. What you need all is just a PC or a laptop or a Smart mobile phone.

Now everything is online, you can find many websites where you can find insurance plans, can compare your selected plan with other plans of the same company or with the plans of other companies as well. You have a variety of options available on the internet, and you can select your plan according to your budget, your needs, the services it gives or the number of risks it covers. It’s completely your choice, and in case you find it difficult to select one, all of such websites have options like contact us, or live chat, or toll-free numbers, on which you can contact to the company and get your doubt cleared.

While doing insurance of your 2 wheeler online, firstly you have to select the 2 wheeler vehicles that you have, e.i; either a scooter or a motorbike. Then you must check the risks that it covers. Nowadays, there are plans which cover risks like fire, accidents due to some external body, explosions, theft, flood, lightning, earthquake, self – ignition, riot, etc. You can select plans according to your requirements and budget. Ensuring your 2 wheeler online also results in saving some money for you. As the competition is increasing in the insurance field, every company gives great offers to get more customers.

These days most of the insurance companies provide a digitally signed insurance policy. Digitally signed means, you do not get any hard copy. The insurance policy is being given as a soft copy, and you can carry it with you either in your mobile phone or in your tablet or in a laptop. Whenever there is a condition where you have to show or attach your insurance policy, you can just get a print out of it and you are good to go.

Now we are providing you with some really important or must known facts about how to claim?, when you can claim?, certain conditions while claiming and many more.

  • In case of an accident, you have to claim immediately, and then take your 2 wheeler to the mechanic, and according to his estimate, the insurance company will pay you to reimburse you.
  • In case of your scooter or bike being stolen, firstly you have to file an FIR, if you don’t do so, then the insurance company will not start the procedure of reimbursement. In such cases, the company verifies that is this a real action or a fake action, and that’s why the FIR’s copy is required. After the verification, the company pays you the cheque.
  • Your policy will also continue after an accident or been stolen, you just have to renew it. Some companies may charge a good amount for the renewal of the policy.
  • You can get claim only after you provide all the correct information and also all the valid documents.
  • You also have to show your damaged 2 wheeler to the inspection team of the company.
  • You have to give the proof of the reason for the damage, if you fail to do so, then you cannot claim.
  • You will get the claim only after you and your insurance company satisfies on a particular amount.