UIDAI Relaxes Aadhar Enrolment Target for Banks

By: Makemymoney

UIDAI relaxes daily Aadhar target for banks

Aadhar card has become more than just an identity for documentation.  Almost every processing is taking place through it be it a bank or passport verification. Considering its importance banks have launched Aadhar enrolment centres. With Aadhar gaining so importance, it’s extremely mandatory to do cross check the details mentioned by you. Any sort of mistake is it spelling or other can lead you to a lot of problem and suffering during other processing.

The bank branches with Aadhar facilities have got relaxation from UIDAI for Aadhar enrolment and updating. The UIDAI has asked branches with Aadhar facilities to minimize the Aadhar enrolment or updating target to eight from July 1, 2018. This will remain continuous and bank branches with Aadhar facilities will have to enrolment/ update minimum twelve from October 1 and sixteen from January 1, 2019.

UIDAI set the target for Aadhar enrolment

Earlier there was a target of 16 enrolments per branch on a daily basis but now it seems bank will get relaxation. Banks that have achieved the target of minimum 8 Aadhar enrolments per day per branch in July might not have to face financial disincentives up to July’18. Those banks who have failed to hit the target of carrying out minimum enrolments per day per branch. They have to financial disincentives in respect of uncovering branches will be levied from July 2018.    

Aadhar card has gained a different level of importance in India. Now a day it is a mandatory document for verification. Everywhere Aadhar card is playing a vital role in maintaining a unique identity of one individual in an encoded way. There are various authentic Aadhar card update & correction centres launched by UIDAI.  

The Aadhar enrolment centres will take care of and view the Aadhar verification process of bank accounts. This will be helpful for people across the country. Aadhar enrolment centres should be there in 10% of the bank branches, an initiate by UIDAI.



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