How to Apply For the Temporary Visitor's Visa

A word visa has been derived from the Latin word carta visa. The term means the document having been seen. It is a permit that is given by a nation that permits someone to visit that country. This is a document which is stamped on the passport of an individual by an embassy. Two things that are primarily highlighted on the same is the name of the kind of visit as well as time for how long the person can actually stay there. At times, you are also expected to appear for an interview that is held at the embassy prior to issuing a visa. Visas are basically associated with the plead for seeking the permission to enter (and sometimes exit) a nation. Here we will give you an insight into how to apply for the temporary visitor’s visa in a brief manner with all the terms explained properly.

Who is a temporary visitor?

The term “foreign tourist” refers to a person who aims to fly to a foreign nation with the purpose of travelling places, sports activities, for health purpose, education, religious pilgrimage purpose, some sort of business activity, cultural or some sort of scientific purposes etcetera. This individual is not deliberately discriminated on the basis of race, gender, language or the religion.

How to apply for the temporary visitor's visa?

In order to apply for the temporary visitor’s visa, you must have the following documents and meet the following conditions. Firstly, you need to have a passport/ travel document that is valid for at least a period of six (6) months beyond the time period for which you intend to stay in the country. You must possess a complete Visa application form along with passport photos. Apart from this you need to have a proof that you possess the bona fide status being a tourist or a businessman. Your tickets must be confirmed for return or the onward journey to the eventual destination. You then need to pay the Visa Fee.

Reasons for Visa refusal

A visa that you apply for may get rejected in certain cases. Here are some of the reasons that cause rejection of Visa. The applicant might be accused of having committed fraud or of misrepresentation in the application. Also, one may have failed to prove of having strong ties to their current residential nation. Besides, one may exhibit the intention of permanently living or working in the country they are to visit. Lack of any legitimate reason to travel, enough monetary resources, lodging in country to be visited or valid health/travel insurance might be other reasons. No arrangement of transportation can be another reason. There are other reasons also that include having a criminal record, poor moral character, short notice application, security risk, an earlier rejected visa application etcetera.

All in all, these are the steps to apply for the temporary visitor’s visa. In case you are planning for the same, then this will prove to be an effective guide for you.