Important Aspects of Voter ID card

There are many occasions when you are required to display your identity document so as to prove that it is actually you. The document may vary depending on your age. When in school you ideally put forward the identity card that the school authorities issue so as to prove your identity. However, when you grow a little older say an adult this identity document completely changes. One of the many s that you can use to showcase your identity is the voter ID card. Here in this article we will provide you an insight into the important aspects of voter ID card.

What is voter ID card?

In India, to be very specific, voter ID card is one of the various identity documents that is issued by none other than the Election Commission of India. This document fundamentally serves the purpose of an identity proof for the Indian citizens. This card is also termed as EPIC which stands for Electoral Photo ID Card. For the very first time, it made an appearance in 1993. At that time the former Chief Election Commissioner TN Seshan was running the tenure.

Uses of voter ID card

The voter ID card comes into action specifically while the times of election. You can use this to cast your vote in the multifarious elections that take place on state and central level. To exemplify, you can use it to cast vote for the nation’s municipal elections besides state as well as the national elections. In addition to this, the card serves as the general identity apart from being the address as well as the age proof that further can be used for umpteen purposes. From purchasing a phone SIM card to filing an application for the passport, it comes into action at multiple places.

Appearance of the voter ID card

The voter ID card originally appeared to be black and white covered and secured with the help of a laminated plain paper. It is being issued with the coloured lamination. The size of the card is approximately similar to the size of the bank card. It is basically a plastic card and should not be confused as a smart card. On the card, the major highlights are the face photo of the person, the date of birth as well as the address of the person who is the card holder. Apart from this, you will be able to find a serial number here along with a hologram sticker. Another important feature is the stamped signature of the authority that issues the card. You will not find the part number or the serial number of the given constituency on the card. Though the two of these, part numbers as well as serial number are most vital to get to the specific booth so as to cast the vote, but it changes every year. These can today be found with just a click of a mouse online as the data has been made available by the Election Commission online.
All in all, these are the important aspects of voter ID card. Anyone who has turned 18 years old can qualify to apply for the same via prescribed Form-6 of Election Commission that is to be attached with ID proof, Indian nationality along with age and residence.